John Collins

Director of Engineering at Vinted | Inventor | Author | Ex-Microsoft, Apple, Snapchat

John Collins is the Director of Engineering at Vinted, responsible for leading several large engineering teams, comprised of software developers, product owners, and other technical roles at all seniority levels. Owning the technical strategy and development of the platform engineering efforts for an Industrial IoT platform used by companies around the world.

With a background in Electrical Engineering, John started his career in Seattle as an engineer developing the Xbox 360 and Xbox One hardware, then moved to San Francisco to work at Apple program managing the development of the battery for the iPhone, iPad and iPod line of products.

With a passion for the future of augmented and virtual reality, John went back to Microsoft to be a hardware program manager for HoloLens, leading the research and development efforts of battery and camera technologies.

John was also a senior program manager at Snapchat in Los Angeles on the Spectacles hardware team, leading the electrical developments for their consumer hardware and a Senior Engineering Manager at FlixBus in Berlin, responsible for leading multiple agile software development teams in data science, research, incubation, and machine learning.

He has 7 patents in augmented reality, battery, and camera designs. John also authored an eBook about career development published by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) in 2017 and a future eBook about augmented reality technologies will be published soon.

He has trained thousands on the processes, tools and best practices necessary to create software and hardware.

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