2018 Future Leaders Forum

Thank You!

Over 200 engineering professionals gathered in Austin, Texas for the 2018 IEEE-USA Future Leaders Forum to learn and share the hottest trends in leadership and technology. Brilliant inventors, passionate entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders led keynotes, activities and panel discussions. With topics ranging from risk-taking and decision-making to improv and creativity to professional fashion and design, there was something for everyone!
A big thank you to all who attended, as well as our speakers and volunteers. We look forward to seeing you at future leadership events!

“Future Leaders Forum was an unexpected conference. I had gone into the conference not knowing what to expect, except for that fact that they are going to talk about leadership. The way they did it though was very impressive. They had four themes Learn, Empower, Adapt and Design (LEAD). They had sessions and speakers around the same topics and my favorite was meeting Steve Sasson, they guy who invented the first ever digital camera. The conference had such a deep impact in me that I came back to my IEEE chapter and got more involved and it gave me the courage to take up more responsibilities and eventually helping me in running and getting elected as the Chair Elect for IEEE Milwaukee. It is time for me to put all my learnings from the conference into action now.”

Karthik Palaniappan

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