James Finlay

Senior Director of Customer Engagement & Learning at Box

Senior Director of Customer Engagement & Learning at Box | Former @ Adobe @Cengage @ThermoFisher

James originally intended to have a career as an officer in the U.S. Air Force. However, an unexpected turn of events resulted in leading him to co-found LookAroundGolf, a company that leveraged immersive photography to enable golf courses to better share the hidden beauty of their course. From his wins and losses as an entrepreneur, James realized the value of his education and sought out further education with master’s degrees in Behavioral Communications and Business Administration. Drawing on his deeply felt obligation to serve others, and his expertise in technology as a way to transform an industry, James turned his focus to improving Education for others, so it could impact their lives the way it had impacted his.

Since 2014, James has worked on policy initiatives as a Consultant, at Cengage Learning, and now at Adobe, focused on innovative technology to help learners gain more skills, faster. While a part of the University at Buffalo, James worked with the Office of the President to help define the University’s Civic Leadership position, helped the School of Pharmacy assess the impact of a digital, first classroom experience, and volunteered with the 26th Congressional District of New York on special projects focused on public/private partnership. At Cengage, he expanded a software offering to the entire portfolio, helping take an introductory product and growing it to be the #2 solution in the space. At Adobe, he revamped the onboarding and product engagement experience that student subscribers go through. Helped to launch an intent-based onboarding process for Photoshop users and is now currently leading the effort to improve cross-app engagement for all of Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscribers worldwide. Through each of these roles he has maintained a passion and goal to help everyone find their voice and add to their creative tool belt, helping to ensure that regardless of circumstance, everyone has a way to share their experience and define their own way in the world.

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