Improv Workshop

San Jacinto Hall - UT Austin July 27, 2018 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

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Mike Mournighan
Shawn Davis

Improv is for everyone – especially engineers!

Successful comedy and engineering both depend on critical listening (understanding), empathy (team cohesion), and heightening (incremental progress).

Mike Mournighan and Shawn Davis (founding member of UT’s gigglepants) are both Silicon Labs electrical engineers and seasoned improvisers!

Their workshop will exercise your funny bone through:

  1. High energy group games
  2. Basic partner scene and pattern work drills
  3. Common short form improv games

Side effects of the workshop might include:

  1. Improved communication skills
  2. A new community complete with inside jokes
  3. Laugh lines

Bio – Mike Mournighan

Bio – Shawn Davis

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