How to become an exceptional leader: Invest your time in what matters


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Mark Busine
Katy Campbell

Time is the number one barrier to great leadership. Whether it’s an overflowing inbox or an endless to-do list of tasks, the constant demands on leaders’ time and attention often causes us to focus on what’s urgent, while ignoring what’s important. This keynote will help you energize your leadership career by thinking strategically about the way you spend your time as a leader, maximizing your effectiveness in the minute-by-minute interactions each day, in daily progress toward your business goals, and in preparing for big transformations for your career.


Mark Busine
Global Practice Lead – Leadership (DDI)

As Global Practice Lead – Leadership, Mark Busine leads DDI’s thought leadership practice globally. Drawing on more than 16 years with DDI and over 30 years working in talent and leadership, Mark is an expert on a broad range of leadership and talent management practices as they relate to the international marketplace, Mark provides business relevant counsel to a diverse range of both multinational and regional organizations identifying needs and proposing solutions primarily in the areas of talent acquisition, leadership development, and succession management.

He is also involved in conducting research to support the effectiveness of DDI interventions and has authored a number of publications, spoken at numerous conferences around Australia and is frequently quoted in trade and business media. He continues to advise on appropriate human resource and talent management strategies, and assists in the development and implementation of large-scale leadership initiative. Mark also provides coaching and feedback to senior executives regarding their personal and developmental goals.

Katy Campbell
Senior Consultant, Development Dimensions International

For over 20 years, Katy Campbell has been passionate about helping organizations around the world select, develop, and retain the very best talent. Katy’s client experience is broad and varied—from creating business-relevant leadership training to designing hiring systems that ensure that her clients make objective, data-driven hiring decisions.

Katy holds a master’s degree in Technical and Scientific Communication from Bowling Green State University and lives in Moon Twp., Pennsylvania.


About DDI

DDI is a global leadership consulting firm that helps organizations hire, promote and develop exceptional leaders. From first-time managers to C-suite executives, DDI is by leaders’ sides, supporting them in every critical moment of leadership. Built on five decades of research and experience in the science of leadership, DDI’s evidence-based assessment and development solutions enable millions of leaders around the world to succeed, propelling their organizations to new heights. For more information, visit

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