Embracing Change


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Frank Szczerba

In my career to date, I’ve averaged a new role every 15 months, with new responsibilities and daily work patterns each time, if not a new business or industry. Through this talk, I’ll share what I’ve learned along the way about individual and organizational change and how to embrace the opportunities it creates. I’ll talk about how I learned to embrace change personally, the characteristics of teams that succeed and thrive in a world of constant change, and principles of leading through change.

Featured Presenter: Frank Szczerba, Site Reliability Engineering Manager, Fleet Capacity SRE – Google

Frank is a Site Reliability Engineering Manager at Google in Pittsburgh, where he leads Fleet Capacity SRE, providing compute resource management for the Google fleet. Previously he managed SRE teams supporting Payments and Shopping.

Before joining Google in 2013, Frank was a Principal Engineer at Dataram, founder of Stonecraft Software, CTO at AppMobi, and a lead engineer at Wasabi Systems, Nomadio, and InfiniCon Systems, where he led the development of some of the world’s first production InfiniBand switches.

Frank attended Drexel University, where he graduated Summa Cum Laude with a bachelor’s in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and pursued an MSEE at Villanova University before getting distracted with building real-world solutions.

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