Digital Micromirrors – A Singular, Disruptive Innovation (Keynote)

San Jacinto Hall - UT Austin July 27, 2018 9:45 am - 10:45 am

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Larry Hornbeck

“Fearless Trailblazing”

Larry Hornbeck, Professor, University of Texas at Dallas; TI Fellow Emeritus, Texas Instruments

As Hornbeck, a noted physicist would remember, “If you’re afraid you may fail, then your actions may not be as bold, aggressive, or creative as you need them to be in order to accomplish your goal. You may play it so conservative you never get there.” Hornbeck was determined to get there.*

* Engineering the World: Stories from the First 75 Years of Texas Instruments by Caleb Pirtle, Chapter 54 – Mirrored Images, p. 182 (2005)











(Feb. 17, 2010) The University of Texas at Dallas – The inventor of TI’s DLP technology, Dr. Larry Hornbeck (in gray coat) visited campus to give a lecture marking National Engineers Week.











Bio – Larry Hornbeck


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