EVO 2.0

EVO 2.0 is a FREE virtual event and will bring thought leaders directly to career-minded professionals, recent grads and college students, giving them insights into the tech trends and pathways that lead to challenging and fulfilling careers.

EVO’s three featured sessions will connect you with thought leaders in their field and focus on Technology Trends, Career Guidance and Future Perspectives.

1-2 PMFireside Chat with Nichol Bradford hosted by John Yaglenski

Nichol BradfordNichol Bradford, co-founder and executive director of the global non-profit and ecosystem Transformative Tech.org, works to empower the health, happiness, and fullest potential of every human by catalyzing new visions, opportunities, and wellbeing technologies for all.

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2-3 PMEVO 2.0 Keynote: John Collins
Director of Engineering at Vinted

John CollinsJohn Collins, Director of Engineering at Vinted, leads several large engineering teams comprised of software developers, product owners, and other technical roles. He owns the technical strategy and development of the platform engineering efforts for an Industrial IoT platform used by companies around the world. John is also an inventor, author, and held key roles at Microsoft, Apple, and Snapchat.

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3-4 PMPanel: Exploring Future Trends & Tech 2.0:
This panel will pick up where our EVO 1.0 discussion left off exploring where technology is today, where things are headed and what that means for your future. While peering into the world of tomorrow and what it will look like, we'll also forecast the possible new opportunities and career paths moving forward.

Amy Peck, Founder & CEO, EndeavorVR

Maxim Jago, Award-winning filmmaker, screenwriter, futurist & public speaker

James Finlay, Senior Director of Customer Engagement & Learning at Box

Host: John Yaglenski, Director Communications & IT, IEEE-USA

Featured speakers at past EVO events have included: Bran Ferrin (Applied Minds, Disney Imagineering); Vint Cerf (Google); Corey Doctorow (BoingBoing); Larry Hornbeck (DLP Inventor, Oscar Winner, Texas Instruments); Myles Kovacs (DUB Magazine); Monique Morrow (Cisco); Alton D. Romig, Jr (Lockheed Martin Skunkworks); Patty Hatter (Intel); Steve Sasson (Digital Camera Inventor, Kodak); Sonita Lontoh (HP); Samantha Snabes (re:3D); Maxim Jago (Filmmaker/Futurist); James Finlay (Adobe); Nancy Martin (GE) — and many more.

Now more than ever — changing times demand an Evolution of You™ and IEEE-USA’s EVO Conferences will help you navigate today’s complex career landscape.

EVO 2.0 will take place 3 November 2021 from 1-4 pm EDT.

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