Presenter: John Collins, Hardware Program Manager, HoloLens Team – Microsoft (Now with Snap, Inc.)
Date Recorded: 7 September 2016
Duration: 59 minutes

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John Collins has his dream job, creating the future of augmented reality with HoloLens. But the path to get there wasn’t well defined and he had to adapt to roadblocks along the way. John will share his story, starting from college to now working at Microsoft on the HoloLens, including his time at Xbox and at Apple on the latest battery technologies. Top job openings can receive thousands of applications from around the world, gain insight into landing your dream job in this competitive landscape.

About the Presenter

johncollins192gJohn Collins is a hardware program manager for Microsoft on the HoloLens team in Silicon Valley, leading the research and development of battery technologies for augmented reality products.

Prior to joining HoloLens, John worked as an electrical engineering lead for the motherboard and hard drive for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One and at Apple managing the development of the battery for the iPhone, iPad and iPod line of products.

He has trained hundreds on the processes, tools and best practices necessary to create high volume consumer electronics. He has been an IEEE and Consumer Electronics Society member since 2008 and was president of the IEEE and Eta Kappa Nu electrical engineering honor society student chapters at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

He also cofounded Daily Lovelies with his wife, a startup that provides custom tailored cosmetics for special occasions.

He is passionate about consumer electronics and the future of virtual and augmented reality.


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