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Five Painful but Important Things to Do When You Lose Your Job

Presenter: Elizabeth Alterman – April 4, 2019

With our current strong economy and low unemployment rate many engineers are not considering the possibility of long-term unemployment. However, author Elizabeth Alterman recently shared her personal story on how she managed during her time of job lost. The steps she outlined would benefit all if anyone encounters an unexpected job lost. So join us for this webinar where Ms. Alterman will review the “Five Painful but Important Things to Do When You Lose Your Job.”

How Consultants Will Save on Their Taxes and Keep More of Their Profits from the New Tax Cuts & Jobs Act

Presenter: John E. Walters, MBA, EA – March 15, 2019

Tax strategy topics covered, include: Tax Preparation, Tax Projections, or Tax Planning: Who’s really in charge of Your Checkbook?; Choosing the Wrong Business Structure Can Crumble Your Dreams and Cost You Money; Why Selecting the Right Tax Professional for Your Business is like Dating!; Tax Strategies for New Entrepreneurs Consultants; Discover the Buried Treasure Hidden in Your Business; Eat Hearty! How to Maximize Your Meals and Entertainment Deductions; Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Maximize Your Transportation Deductions; Understanding the Costs of Healthcare; Real Estate Investments to Boost Your Bottom Line; Hire Your Kids and Lower Your Taxes!; The Biggest Mistake of All: Failing to Plan!

Archived Webinars

All You Ever Wanted to Know about the New IEEE-USA Consultant Finder

Presenter: Karen McLean – November 14, 2018

IEEE-USA has just launched the IEEE-USA Consultant Finder powered by IEEE Collabratec! With this webinar, IEEE-USA wants to provide current subscribers and everyone else who is considering entering the gig economy a brief overview of this service. This webinar provides a brief overview about how to login, create or access your consultant profile and review all the new features provided with this service.

How to Get Invited Into The Boys Club — and Why It’s Important

Presenter: Elizabeth Lions – September 13, 2018

This webinar boldly addresses why women are not received favorably or promoted in male-dominated industries and offers practical suggestions for advancing. The webinar looks at how communication, confidence and managing perceptions are critical to working your way to the top of the ladder. Elizabeth addresses other specific workplace issues, such as how to work with another woman that you don’t like in the office, and why it’s important to your career. Elizabeth believes in identifying other women for promotions and promoting women into key leadership positions. This talk will leave you feeling reflective as well as inspired.

Good Girls Ask – Negotiations For Women

Presenter: Elizabeth Lions – August 16, 2018

This powerful presentation has been given globally, as well as locally. No woman is ever the same after hearing Elizabeth’s talk on money and negotiations. The days of having butterflies in your stomach while discussing your promotion, a raise or an increase to your fees are over. Money is not emotional, it’s the ideas you attach around money that stick. Elizabeth demonstrates how to make friends with your finances — for good!

Helping You–and the Children in Your Life–Learn STEM Subjects More Effectively

Presenter: Barbara Oakley – August 7, 2018

Presentations about learning are generally taught by psychologists and educators with little insight into or personal experience with mastering difficult STEM subjects. Not this presentation. Professor of Engineering and IEEE Fellow Barbara Oakley, a New York Times best-selling author and instructor of Learning How to Learn (University of California-San Diego – Coursera), the world’s largest massive open online course, delves deep into the brain to give you practically useful information about how you—and your children—can become experts in your chosen subjects.

Engineering Careers in Social Innovation and Global Sustainable Development

Presenter: Khanjan Mehta – July 19, 2018

As a follow-up to his article “Engineering Careers in Social Innovation and Global Sustainable Development,” in IEEE Technology and Society Magazine, Khanjan Mehta will outline career paths for students/engineers who want to employ their education and passion to directly and tangibly improve the human condition.

What Hiring Managers Want to Hear from Candidates in a Phone Interview

Presenter: Javeen Balani –  June 21, 2018

Behavioral interviewing is said to be 55 percent predictive of future on-the-job behavior, while traditional interviewing is only 10 percent predictive. As a result, companies are increasingly focusing on screening candidates for behavioral traits, especially in 5 core areas:

  1. Leadership Style
  2. Conflict Resolution
  3. Collaboration
  4. Problem Solving
  5. Accomplishment

Additionally, given that the average job has 250 applicants, companies are increasingly using phone interviews as the first screen to identify the highest potential candidates. Given these trends, it is imperative that job seekers prepare and internalize how their work experience is related to these behavioral themes and the job they are interviewing for, and practice communicating with synthesis and clarity.

This webinar provides a blueprint for interview preparation with this focus in mind.

Tips for a More Fulfilling Career — Without Starting Over

Presenter: Bruce Strumpf – June 14, 2018

This webinar is for technical professionals who want to find more fulfilling careers and regain the enthusiasm they once had for their work. In the webinar I’ll go over how to make clear, conscious decisions on what else you might do, gain insight into what’s been holding you back, and talk about what it takes to make a concrete plan to take you from stuck to successful…without having to start over again at the bottom of the career ladder.

IEEE Collabratec — Why You Should Join an Online Community

Victor S. Manganaro –  April 26, 2018

Since IEEE Collabratec’s introduction, the IEEE Collabratec team has worked hard to add different features to make this online community platform as beneficial as possible to IEEE members. IEEE-USA is bringing a valued member from our Collabratec team to update you on all the new features of this great platform. As an added benefit, the speaker also addresses the importance of online communities and why you should participate in one.

Building the Consultant Practice of Tomorrow Using Today’s Online Tools

Michael Bryant – Recorded April 5, 2018

The past few years have seen an explosion of online tools to help businesses automate. These tools have transformed the way companies operate. Today’s “Born in the Cloud” companies have little resemblance to organizations that were running 10 years ago. Larger established companies are struggling to adapt to the rapidly changing world.

This presentation will focus on three of these cloud technologies. The focus of the discussion will show how small consulting companies can utilize these three tools to increase their marketing reach, decrease their cost of doing business, and increase profitability.

The three areas of discussion are: e-mail distribution systems, video meeting services, and shared data workspaces. Real world examples will be used with a simple consulting practice model to show how companies can use these technologies to transform their operations.

No one is going to be able to use all of the ideas presented in the webinar, but we hope everyone will find something new they can try in their own practice. Join us for this presentation and learn how other companies are using today’s business technology.

Communicating 300% Better

Dr. Nancy Zare – Recorded March 29, 2018

Is there a secret for communicating effectively with all sorts of people? Yes! According to psychologist Dr. Nancy Zare, it’s called AlikeAbility™. When you position yourself as being “alike” other individuals, comfort goes up, and resistance goes down. As a result, an opening occurs where you can build rapport quickly and authentically with all sorts of people. Developing AlikeAbility™ enables you to improve your ability to communicate and acquire new business.


  • How to resign from taking things personally
  • How to get less “Nos” and more “Yeses!”
  • Why you’re stuck and what to do about it
  • Who makes a good colleague or team member
  • How a slight modification in your approach can build rapport 300%

The Art and Pleasure of Home Brewing

Tom Coughlin, IEEE-USA President-Elect – Recorded 3-16-18

Tom Coughlin discusses one of his favorite hobbies: brewing beer. Brewing is one of the oldest human technologies and has sustained mankind for thousands of years. This talk presents an engineer’s view on home brewing and discusses some of the pleasures and challenges of making a tasty beverage.

So You Want to be a Consultant?

Daryl Gerke, P.E. – Recorded 2-8-18

Curious about consulting? How to get started? Joins us as a veteran consulting engineer shares the secrets of starting, building, and maintaining a small part-time or full-time consulting firm. We’ll address four key questions: How do you get leads? How do you set fees? How do you decide what to consult about? And last but not least — How do I get started? This talk has been shared at several technical conferences.

11 Ways Consultants “Overpay” on their Taxes and How to Stop It Now!

John E. Walters, MBA, EA – Recorded 1-18-18

Topics covered:

  1. Tax Preparation, Tax Projections, or Tax Planning: Who’s really in charge of Your Checkbook?
  2. Choosing the Wrong Business Structure Can Crumble Your Dreams and Cost You Money
  3. Why Selecting the Right Tax Professional for Your Business is like Dating!
  4. Tax Strategies for New Entrepreneurs\Consultants
  5. Discover the Buried Treasure Hidden in Your Business
  6. Eat Hearty! How to Maximize Your Meals and Entertainment Deductions
  7. Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Maximize Your Transportation Deductions
  8. Understanding the Costs of Healthcare
  9. Real Estate Investments to Boost Your Bottom Line
  10. Hire Your Kids and Lower Your Taxes!
  11. The Biggest Mistake of All: Failing to Plan!

Selling Technical Sales to Engineering Learners

Presenters: Daniel P. Bumblauskas, Ph.D., Adam R. Carberry, Ph.D., and David P. Sly, Ph.D. – Recorded 10-5-2017

Sales engineering or technical sales programs bridge engineering and business to educate engineering students in sales specific to their discipline. Students develop business awareness through such programs, providing the sales workforce with technically knowledgeable salespeople. The following study analyzed cohorts of students enrolled in a technical sales for engineers course to assess the changing perceptions and attitudes of engineering students toward technical sales. Students reported statistically significant changes in perceptions regarding interest, need, and rank of current ability toward technical sales and social skills after completing the course. Student perceptions of sales skills being innate and ingrained decreased. Group analysis – enrollment in the sales minor or previous sales experience – revealed expected differences including higher ranked prior ability and initial interest in sales. A separate analysis of 20 technical sales skills at the end of the course was used to highlight the level students perceived they had achieved each skill.

IEEE Resume Lab

Julie Bernicker, Online Community Specialist, IEEE Member & Geographic Activities – Date Recorded: 9-13-2017
The IEEE ResumeLab is an online service that allows IEEE members to develop a resume or curriculum vitae using a wide array of resume templates. Members can also perform mock interviews using over 900 potential interview questions or develop letters, portfolios, and skills assessments to use during the interview process. Best of all, the information developed on IEEE ResumeLab is easily shared with potential employers, mentors, or colleagues via a personalized website.

Palpitations, Perspiration, VR and … Career Outlook

Kristopher J. Blom, Ph.D. – Recorded: 8-3-2017
Public speaking is a critical skill in the business world. Avoiding it often equates to a stagnant career. The path to competency is daunting when looking from the outside and a point of fear. In this talk Dr. Blom will explain on why you should proactively undertake to improve your public speaking. He’ll talk about how to make the task less daunting, for instance by using VR. Get a kickstart on the journey to an improved career outlook and stand out as the Engineer who speaks competently to an audience.

What are HR Professionals Looking For in a Resume?

Nathalie H. Thompson – Recorded 6-28-2017

Your resume is an advertisement for you. In the marketing world it would be a piece of “collateral.” Your resume needs to clearly communicate to the reader your product, features, benefits and supporting evidence. Preparing and writing your résumé is a key step in preparing to interview. The process of writing a targeted, market-ready résumé ensures that you have identified: Your desired position, companies and industries; The key knowledge, skills, abilities and experience required for your desired position; and Key accomplishments—results and impacts you have made, actions you have taken and knowledge and abilities you have demonstrated Being able to articulate your key accomplishments during an interview is critical to demonstrating your qualifications for a position.

Job Seeker or Opportunity Magnet?

Michael B. Junge, Talent Acquisition and Career Expert – Recorded 14 June 2017

In this presentation you will learn: Why most job seekers waste huge amounts of time and what you can do differently; Where top companies hunt for talent and what you can do to help catch their attention; Three simple job search strategies that consistently deliver exceptional results; and What really distinguishes an opportunity magnet from a job seeker – and how you can become one.

Pitfalls of a Perfect Life, and the Advantages of Letting Go

Nancy Martin, Manager, Technical Development, GE Global Research – Recorded 3-2 2017

Perfectionism served many of us well while we grew up. It allowed us to go to the best schools and get the best jobs. Yet, once we are in the “real” world, perfectionism often leads us to a life of working too hard, enjoying too little, and feeling like nothing is ever good enough. Add to that that “perfect” is now measured in more subjective ways (we don’t take tests at work), and you can find yourself working more than ever before.

Taking Challenges to Opportunities: Tips and Tricks to Own Your Career

Tim Worboys, LinkedIn – Recorded 11-10- 2016

Whether you are a student, new graduate or seasoned professional, being able to take ownership of your career is often challenging. Colleagues, managers, and peers often feel like they might be getting in the way of our success. In reality, however, we control a lot more than we think, and we’re likely getting in our own way! In this session, LinkedIn software engineering manager and Future Leaders Forum speaker Tim Worboys will talk about how he has worked through challenges and changes in his career and turned them into opportunities. Tim will share a handful of simple tips he has developed (or fallen into by accident) by working with mentors and peers to solve the many challenges encountered in his career path.

Knowing the Secret to Being a World Changer

Walt Disney Imagineers Leo Szeto and Jonathan Chew – Recorded 9-22-2016

Want to know the secret to being a world changer? Walt Disney Imagineers Leo Szeto and Jonathan Chew will delve into the fundamental forces of leadership, and how their interactions paint a clear set of characteristics that create a blueprint for being a great leader. Learn the very basic elements that you can adopt right away to become the leader you want to be!

Landing Your Dream Job in Today’s Competitive Landscape

John Collins, Microsoft Hololens – 9-7-2016

John Collins has his dream job, creating the future of augmented reality with HoloLens. But the path to get there wasn’t well defined and he had to adapt to roadblocks along the way. John will share his story, starting from college to now working at Microsoft on the HoloLens, including his time at Xbox and at Apple on the latest battery technologies. Top job openings can receive thousands of applications from around the world, gain insight into landing your dream job in this competitive landscape.

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