Free Audiobook: Secrets for Being a World-Changer

Free Audiobook: Secrets for Being a World-Changer

IEEE-USA’s Free, New Audio Book Reveals Secrets for Being a World-Changer

In IEEE-USA’s newest free audiobook, Secrets to Being a World-Changer–Part 1: The Being of Leadership, authors Jonathan Chew and Leo Szeto offer listeners “a handy-dandy guide that will give you the secrets to being a world-changer.” The authors appeal to listeners to begin the journey by asking what influence we want to have on, and what value we want to bring to the world. Part 1, the first audiobook in this two-book series, deals with the larger picture–both physically and metaphorically–of how we should think while being a world-changer. Chew and Szeto developed these books for people of all disciplines, “from any background under the sun,” who want to create change in the world. These books are for anyone who wants to discover, unveil or disrupt what already exists–and introduce it to the world in a different light.

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E-Book Version Also Available

You can also purchase the companion e-book for printing and reference, of Secrets to Being a World-Changer, Part 1, for the special $2.99 price for members ($4.99 for non-members) by going to:

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